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 Madrid, one of the greatest tourist destinations in Europe is the perfect place for romance; the people are very warm, friendly and approachable. Madrid offers beautiful sumptuous weather and sensually warm nights from throughout late spring and all through the summer. You will enjoy candlelit dinners of succulent Madrilenian cuisine as well as offerings from all over the world; Madrid highlights enchanting tastes and aromas to please the palette and ignite and rekindle your passion. Madrid is the ideal holiday for couples promising tremendous Spanish history and culture, incredible architecture, romantic parks, Flamenco dancing shows, tours, terraced Tapas bars, a vibrant nightlife and fantastic nightclubs.

A romantic weekend

Start the day with a typical Madrilenian breakfast of churros and coffee or hot chocolate perhaps from anyone of the numerous cafes we will find on almost every street in Madrid, then we can make our way to Retiro Park, entering it at the gate next to the very impressionable and stunning Puerta de Alcalá, a magnificent piece of architecture from the year 1778, situated on the Calle de Alcalá. As we walk through the huge gates of the Retiro Park main entrance a beautifully cared for walkway adorned with many trees and flowers awaits us. This is a lovely, romantic and peaceful way to begin the day, the park is so near the center of Madrid, yet it is wonderfully quiet and inspiring, and boasts a plethora of beautiful greenery incorporating many different types of trees, flowers and birds. We will also catch many other people relaxing and enjoying the sunshine, jogging, walking or skating.

Retiro Park has many interesting fountains and statues including the famous Fuente del Ángel Caído (The fallen Angel representing Lucifer), the park also houses the buildings the Palacio de Velázquez (Palace of Velázquez) and the Palacio de Cristal (Cristal Palace), as well as a gorgeous artificial boating lake. It’s a wonderful location for blossoming romance and during the summer especially we will see many things to catch the eye such as perhaps singers, puppet shows, artists, musicians and fortune tellers. The park is open during the summer from 6am through till midnight in summertime and it also is open all year round, you will be surprised how the time goes as you savor the park´s numerous delights including bars and terraces for something to eat or drink, or if you prefer you can take along some sandwiches and drinks to enjoy inside the park.

Leaving the park from the same entrance and the walking just down towards the center of Madrid and only some 600 meters (less than half a mile) from Retiro Park we find the Plaza de Cibeles, this is a truly wonderful area and is always brimming with tourists and many different people and cultures from all over the world, it’s little wonder it’s such a enormous tourist attraction when you can people watch and sample the activity and hustle and bustle of Madrilenians going to and from work, the constant traffic of buses, cars, motorbikes, bicycles and pedestrians is surrounded by the magnificent buildings such as the Bank of Spain and many other breathtaking buildings for example the impressive Cibeles Palace (formerly the Post Office building, which now houses the Madrid "Ayuntamiento" (City Hall). The perfect spot to take those photos and videos is a spot near the Metro Banco de España; here we will have the perfect backdrop of the renowned Cibeles Fountain and the Cibeles Palace building.

After seeing the wondrous sights presented by the Plaza de Cibeles we can continue walking towards the center of Madrid to Sol, or if you prefer we can take the Metro from Banco de España to the station Vodafone Sol, just two stops away, the Puerta del Sol is around 14 minutes’ walk, 1.1 Km or just over half a mile away from the Plaza de Cibeles, the fastest walking route is along the Calle de Alcalá, although you may want to take the busier and famous shopping street Gran Via to the right, then cutting down to the left to Sol when you arrive at the Metro Gran Via using Calle Montera. On arriving at Sol you may be feeling puckish and looking forward to having lunch, you will be surrounded by many great eateries and restaurants in and around the center of Sol including well-known names like KFC, but being in Madrid you will probably want to try a typically Spanish restaurant to savor Spanish cuisine, the numerous side streets near the center incorporate all kinds of bars and restaurants where you can enjoy favorite Spanish dishes such as Tortilla de Patata (Potato Omelet) Cochinillo (Piglet) and Paella with Sangria for example. The food is truly delicious and terrific value. Don’t forget to ask for the "Menu del Día" if you are in Madrid during the week from Mondays to Fridays, you will be surprised at what you can eat from around 9€ to 14€ per person such as a three course meal with your drink, bread and coffee included.

Continuing our sightseeing in the Puerta del Sol we can see the symbolic statue of Madrid’s El Oso Y El Madroño (The nearest translation would be “The bear and the strawberry tree”, although the Madroño bears fruit that is similar to strawberry tree) the work of the sculptor Antonio Navarro Santafé from 1967. This is the ideal time for taking more photos as you will see many more examples of this famous statue advertised all over Madrid as it is even incorporated in the Madrid flag. In the center of the Puerta del Sol, you will also see the clock housed in the top of the Post office Building, the oldest building in the Puerta del Sol, right beside Kilometer zero, the center geographical focal point of all Madrid. This clock is used for the Madrid New Year Celebrations which is normally attended by around 25,000 spectators most of whom are dressed up in many hilarious costumes. In the Puerta del Sol you can buy many souvenirs while enjoying the beautiful sunshine or shop in the well-known shop trademarks, such as El Corte Inglés, Zara, FNAC, H&M and many more, you will also have a chance to savor some of the most famous pastries from Madrid in the cake shop and cafe La Mallorquina which has been in business since 1894.

Not far from Puerta del Sol is the fantastic Plaza Mayor (The Old Square), a must see area of Madrid is one of the most visited areas in the center of Madrid With its beautiful Renaissance architecture, bordered internally with Shops, Cafes, Restaurants and Bars, the Plaza Mayor is a sun trap and a perfect place to have a coffee in one of the many covered terraced areas surrounding the inner walls of square, you will be amazed at the atmosphere and the incredible architecture, whilst watching many acts such as musicians and buskers as well as acrobats and all kind of entertainers ply their trade for the visiting public from all over the world, you will want to take many photos here for your album.

Almudena Cathedral
The Almudena Cathedral is Constructed of mainly granite and marble the work on the Catedral de Santa María la Real de la Almudena was started in 1883 but was not completed until 1993 in time for the consecration of Pope John Paul II and his statue can be seen as you enter through the gates of the building, you can see this in the enclosed video. The Cathedral is truly a beautiful building which is right next to the Royal Palace. On May 22, 2004, the marriage of Felipe, Prince of Asturias to Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano took place in this cathedral.




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