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The Torre Espacio, or Space Tower, has to be one of the top ten most incredible building designs to be seen in Madrid, its amazing curves and tangents starting at the base as a square, changing shape various times resulting in every floor being unique and culminating in the final shape of an eye at the top, the Torre Espacio was the first of the four towers to be built in the Cuatro Torres Business area (CBTA) of Madrid which is situated on the Paseo de La Castellana, considered the most important avenue in Madrid. The tower measures 236 meters, offering 60,000 square meters of rentable space, having 52 floors, 43 office floors, 2 corporatefloors at the top of the tower, 3 floors of commercial space at the base of the building, and 6 levels of underground parking. The building is owned by Grupo Villar Mir, a Spanish family-owned industrial group. When the tower was opened formally, the Mayor of Madrid, Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón, presided over the opening, laying of a flag as the building had become on completion, in November 2006, the tallest building in Spain, its huge structure had then surpassed the height of the Gran Hotel Bali Hotel in Benidorm, which had been until then the largest building in Spain. On opening in March 19, 2007, the event was marked with a huge fireworks display that could be seen from different points of the Community of Madrid. The building was designed by architects Pei, Cobb, Fredd and Partners. 


Torre Espacio, (Space Tower)


The 27 lifts within the building takes just 30 seconds to go in the longest path between two points on the tower, using a control system that allows energy savings of 25% and 36% improvement in mobility. The building has two rest areas, known as Sky 1 and Sky Lobby 2, located on floors 18 and 33 respectively. These two floors, both eight feet high, give visitors great views and unique envelopes in which to meet, eat and relax. The climate control system uses "cool roof" and active front, a system characterized by the absence of noise, environmental quality and flexibility during use.

A Chapel in the Sky

When looking at the building from the North you will notice a strange flashing green LED paneled light emitting from the 33rd floor of the building, the reason for this light is incredible, it is to symbolize in a quiet way the presence of Christ in the Torre Espacio, this is due to the fact that there is a small chapel on the 33rd floor of the building, the chapel was placed there so that the tenants could go to mass without the need to leave the tower, it is a simple but functional chapel, made in a room of 120 just square meters having a view from windows top to bottom looking out over the city. 


The chapel was recognized by the Archdiocese of Madrid, D. Antonio Maria Rouco Varela, as an official chapel and granted the right to serve the Holy Eucharist according to the decree of November 17, 2009 under the jurisdiction of the archdiocese and a chaplain, Father Manuel Sanchez was appointed to say mass and look after this tiny little chapel in the sky as well as performing his duties as pastor of the nearby parish Santa Maria del Val.


When the light was first installed there were complaints from some of the nearby residents saying the light was irritating and they wanted to know why this light was pulsating on and off all through the night, but the complaints were rescinded when the explanation was made, the nearby patients of La Paz hospital to the north of the Torre Espacio also draw much comfort on seeing the flashing light as they feel that Christ is with them.

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