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Madrid is absolutely full of beautiful and very interesting monuments to see. From the Puerta de Alcalá through to the Royal Palace (Palacio Real) the city has an abundance of historic monuments, such as the Puerto del Sol where you will find the Hallmark symbol of Madrid the Oso y el Madroño, Kilometer Zero and the Real Casa de Correos (Royal Post office building) which is now home to President of Madrid's Autonomous Community, the Plaza Mayor, another stunning monument very close to the Puerta del Sol. The Plaza Mayor is a very popular tourist attraction; in the center of the plaza you will see the Statue of King Felipe III started by the Italian sculptor Juan de Bolonia and completed by Pietro Tacca in 1616.

The Plaza de Cibeles is also a must see area where you can see the tremendous Cibeles Fountain, a central focal point of Madrid surrounded by fantastic architecturally incredible buildings such as the Banco de Epaña and the impressionable Cibeles Palace building.


Monuments to see in Madrid

 Cibeles Fountain
  The Plaza Mayor

The Puerta de Sol
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One of the most breathtaking sights in Madrid certainly has to be the, "Fuente de Cibeles", Fountain of Cibeles, situated in the heart of Madrid. The monument was designed by Ventura Rodriguez in 1777 at the request of Carlos lll and is considered one of Madrid's most important symbols, situated very near to El Parque del Retiro, (Retiro Park), The Puerta de Alcalà, Gran Via and Sol, the monument is made of more than 10,000 KG of marble depicting Cybele (the Greek goddess of fertility), on a chariot being pulled by two lions, the goddess and chariot are the work of Francisco Gutiérrez and the lions by Roberto Michel.
The Plaza Mayor, (The Old Square), is one of the most visited areas in the center of Madrid; just a minute's walk from Puerta del Sol, the plaza began as an Arab market and was known at the time of the 16th century as the Plaza del Arrabal. In 1576 King Philip I asked a renowned architect, Juan de Herrera to look at the old chaotic market, Plaza del Arrabal, with a view to modernization.
The eventual construction did not start until Philip III's reign in 1617, the Plaza Mayor that we see today was again reconstructed in 1790, by Juan de Villanueva after a series of large fires had destroyed the construction work carried out in the 17th century.
The Puerta del Sol, or "Door of the Sun" is located in the very heart and center of Madrid, the name, "Puerta del Sol", comes from the original eastern city gate entrance erected in the 15th century. Sol, as it is regarded by the locals, is just one minute's walk from The Plaza Mayor and just a few minutes 'walk from Gran Via. Sol is a terrific place to be, with lots of events, there seems to be something always happening in Sol.
Sol is one of the most vibrant areas of Madrid, full of shops. Bars, restaurants and history, with many well-known trademarks, such as El Corte Inglés, Zara, FNAC, H&M and many more...


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