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10 things to see in Madrid


When you have only a little time to visit a city as large as Madrid, you have to make sure that you use that time well in order to visit the main sites and places for taking photos and to really enjoy some of the most incredible architecture in the world as well as the unique atmosphere offered by this fantastic city. Madrid has everything. Here are a few ideas sorted out in terms of my own personal preference and we have enclosed a video of many things to see here, please feel free to give some feedback on what you see and read if you wish by clicking Here.


Top 10 Things to see in Madrid

1. Puerta del Sol  
2. RoyalPalace
3. Almudena Cathedral
4. Plaza Mayor
Puerta del Sol Madridfacts 02
Royal Palace Madridfacts



Almudena Cathedral Madridfacts  
Plaza Mayor Madridfacts
The Puerta del Sol, or "Door of the Sun", located in the center of Madrid, is just one minute's walk from The Plaza Mayor and also very close to Gran Via. Sol is a great place to start if you want to see and feel the vibrancy of Madrid, full of shops. Bars, restaurants and history, with many well-known shop trademarks, such as El Corte Inglés, Zara, FNAC, H&M and many more. There is just so much for you to see and do here in the very heart of Madrid. 
The Royal Palace is the official residence of the king of Spain, used mainly for official ceremonies. The palace is the largest in Western Europe in terms of area, with 3,418 rooms. It houses a valuable historical and artistic heritage, many Stradivarius violins and very important collections of other artistic disciplines such as paintings and sculptures. The Palace was built on the ruins of the Real Alcazar, which was destroyed by fire in 1734. 
Constructed of mainly granite and marble the building work was started in 1883 but was not completed until 1993 in time for the consecration of Pope John Paul II and his statue can be seen as you enter through the gates of the building, you also can see this in the enclosed video. The Cathedral is truly a beautiful building which is right next to the Royal Palace. On May 22, 2004, the marriage of Felipe, Prince of Asturias to Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano took place in this cathedral.
The Plaza Mayor, (The Old Square), is one of the most visited areas in the center of Madrid with its beautifully decorated ornate architecture from the Renaissance era bordered internally under its arches with shops, cafes, restaurants and bars, the Plaza Mayor is a sun trap and a perfect place to have a coffee in one of the many covered terraced areas surrounding the inner walls of square, you will be amazed at the unique atmosphere to behold here whilst enjoying people watching and seeing the many visitors from all over the world.

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That's my top ten, but everyone is different,
let me know what you think when you go there,
what would be your top 10 things to see?

Have fun ¡¡¡
  5. Fountain of Cibeles   6. Retiro Park
Fountain of Cibeles Madridfacts
Retiro Park Madridfacts
Situated very near to Retiro Park, the Puerta de Alcalà, Gran Via and Sol, the monument is made of more than 10,000 KG of marble depicting Cybele the Greek goddess of fertility, on a chariot being pulled by two lions, the goddess and chariot.
As well as celebrations of Real Madrid, the area is fairly often closed off to traffic to allow for other celebrations such as concerts, shows and visits from high level VIP's. This is a great place for taking photos.
Retiro Park is the perfect place for a stroll. Very pleasing to the eye, you will see many sculptures, fountains, monuments, and even a large boating lake, it also presents an annual book fair, and there are free concerts and plenty of shows also for the kids. Being the largest park in Madrid, the park belonged to the Spanish Monarchy until the late 19th century, when it was handed over for public use.
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7. El Escorial
8. Toledo
9. Museo del Prado
10. Gran Via
El Escorial Madridfacts  
Toledo Madridfacts
  Museo del Prado Madridfacts   Gran Via Madridfacts
El Escorial, world heritage monument, was the political center of the empire of Philip II, there he organized his palace and library as well as his tomb, and those of his parents, Charles I and Isabella of Portugal, their families and successors. Definitely worth a visit as these are incredible buildings with beautiful scenery and containing much history.
Toledo used to be the capital of Spain for hundreds of years and has been held in the past by the Iberians, Romans, Visigoths, Moors, and Christians. The city was designed for defense purposes and therefore received a great deal of attention as a valued icon in terms of taking control of the Spain. Rich in culture and art, with tremendous scenery, it's approximately one hour drive from the center of Madrid and a great day out for photos and relaxing at one of the many nice terrace bars or restaurants.
  The Prado Museum is the largest art gallery in the world. It also exhibits sculptures, drawings, coins and other works of arts, but it is its large collection of paintings which has brought it worldwide fame. The Museum houses more than 8,600 paintings, of which less than 2,000 are actually exhibited because of the lack of available space.
The museum has three different routes depending on the time you have available, you can choose for example to see a route designed to show 15, 30 or 50 of the most important paintings featuring masterpieces of European art
  A terrific place to visit if you want to see beautiful buildings, go shopping, people watch and to really capture the heart and soul of Madrid in terms of atmosphere as well as the modern culture side of Madrid. Take a look at the giant Telefonica Flagship store in the center of Gran Via, 28, right next to the Metro Gran Via station; the store is a stunning example of modern technology mixing with a historic building, you will have plenty to see by way of all kinds of high quality shops as well as some truly fantastic architecture, so book out some time to enjoy.

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