All about Madrid

Madrid has an extensive and complete transport system; there are many forms of transport options available in order to get around the center and the outskirts of the city; such as Taxis and the expansive underground Metro system or by Bus.

Hiring a car is another easy option with very good prices available from the airport or indeed anywhere throughout the city. On landing at Barajas airport, you will see ample transportation facilities with queues of taxis waiting outside the arrivals area; Madrid has over 15,000 taxis available, they can also be hailed when the green light is lit, although there are many taxi places throughout the city and you can see these areas clearly marked on the roads , the underground Metro system is also clearly highlighted and easily accessible from terminal 4 of Madrid Airport using the C1 cercanías line which can take you right through to the center of Madrid.

The Metro system is an ideal way to get around Madrid and the Autonomous community of Madrid with 16 different lines available at the moment, full information on the Metro system of Madrid can be found Here.

Madrid also has a very comprehensive bus service made available and run by EMT (Empresa Municipal de Transporte).The Emt website has an excellent Interactive Map where you can plan your journey from place to place in and around Madrid as well as the surrounding Madrilenian communities, therefore it’s possible to plan a trip knowing the time it will take and where to catch the bus, which bus to catch and the route and stops it passes along the way.

From the Airport you can catch the Airport Express bus connecting Barajas with the center of Madrid, the trip last around 40 minutes and runs 365 days a year.  The bus is distinctively yellow colored and easily distinguishable from the others, you can buy a ticket for around 5€ from the bus itself.

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