All about Madrid

When thinking of visiting Madrid for the first time there will be key information you will need in order to prepare properly for your trip. Information such as average weather temperature is always important so that you can plan what to pack and what to wear in Madrid in order to best prepare for specific seasons or times of year. The weather, while being fairly reliable day to day, does vary enormously when you compare the 4 Seasons, so don’t get caught short. You can also see the Current Weather in Madrid, with the “Feels Like” temperature, the UV index, current visibility, the dew point as well as sunrise and sunset times by clicking Here and of course the Madrid weather forecast projected over a seven day period.

Madrilenians, you will find, are very friendly and in Madrid, Customs and Culture you can also get a good feel for Madrid in terms of the people, the culture, and way of life, the customs, food with Menu pricing and the non-stop nightlife offered in Madrid.

It is also important to establish the quality of the drinking water of Madrid and we have an article dedicated to this in Madrid Drinking Water where you will see that the water quality is so very high especially when compared with the majority of the coastal areas of Spain.

Here you will also find information on the History of Madrid and a Map of Madrid to help you with your planning. Please feel free to contact us if you require Further Information that you are looking for but cannot find on MadridFacts and we will be happy to respond with the additional information you need.

Cautionary note:
The Spanish pride themselves in being very honest and reliable people when it comes to finding articles lost or dropped by other people, but as in all large cities it pays to be prudent when walking within large crowds such as are frequent in the Plaza Mayor and Sol areas of Madrid for example. These are prime areas for crooks to operate, so be careful with your wallet, handbag and other items of value. That said, you will always notice a healthy police force to hand in attendance at the main potential problem areas. You should feel secure, but remember to stay vigilant just in case, better to be safe than sorry.  

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