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IMG 4339 One of the main questions, especially if you have visited a typical beach holiday in the past and have succumbed to the sore stomachs and discomfort of drinking poor quality water is, how is the water quality in Madrid? Is it safe to drink? Do you need to buy bottled water and how does the quality of the water in Madrid compare to your own Town or City?

Well, you will be pleased to know that the quality of the water in Madrid is very good indeed, in-fact, you should not need to buy bottled water at all. Madrid People buy bottled water more for the prestige rather than necessity, and Madrilenians are very proud of the natural water supply they have here.

Madrid is certainly one of the safest places to drink water in Spain, although you honestly can't really go wrong in any of the major cities.Taste varies, with some praising the clear, cool waters, and others preferring the option of mineral waters instead. The responsibility of providing good quality, clear natural tap water for Madrid lies with Canal de Isabel II..

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canal Isabell II MadridfactsCanal de Isabel II

The Company was founded in 1851, when the project was completed to supply water to the capital. The domestic distribution of water marked the modernization of Madrid with a growing population combined with all its industrial and commercial activities.

Currently, Canal de Isabel II caters to around 6 million inhabitants of the Community of Madrid. The water supply to Madrid is already excellent quality in its origin. To ensure excellence, a strict monitoring program is in place, safeguarding health and taste quality from origin to delivery to the consumer.The standard exceeds the provisions of existing legislation on water intended for public consumption both in Europe and Spain, to achieve its quality objectives Canal de Isabel II has 30 automatic monitoring stations equipped with the latest technologies as well as additional peripheral laboratories.
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In summary
Yes the tap water of Madrid is in very good condition indeed and safe to drink, Canal de Isabel II ensures that the strict legislation both for Europe and Spain is exceeded for the requirements of both of Madrilenians and visitors.

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